Naturally drawn to adventure and the telling of untold stories, Darcy has travelled the globe on a number of fascinating projects with the following key goals in mind: stimulate; entertain; inform.

Darcy is a Vancouver based Cinematographer/DOP that has always had some sort of camera fixed on many of the interesting aspects of the world. Earlier in his career, before entering the world of video production, he worked as a graphic designer/art director and illustrator. It is this education and work experience that has provided Darcy with the discipline and creative eye for capturing and telling interesting and compelling stories through video.

Being behind the lens of a camera has been a life long passion and Darcy is admittedly obsessed. In 2010 he decided to further pursue his passion for video so he went on to take a variety of film production classes at Ryerson University in Toronto. Since then, Darcy has worked with a variety of production companies and broadcasters using a wide range of broadcast cameras and equipment as well as a many different types of DSLR cameras.

Darcy has shot, directed and produced various short documentaries and corporate videos covering topics as diverse as a water contamination and the plight of Samlor drivers (three-wheeled bicycles) in Thailand; a luthier on Vancouver Island; Canadian ophthalmologists on cataract surgery missions in Uganda; and most recently, a short documentary about a game drive and wildlife artist in South Africa.

Over the past several years Darcy has worked with many different companies including Zooropa Media, CGTN (China Global Television Network), Bar Croft Media in London, UK and has also had his work shown in several film festivals and on the Telus Optik Network in British Columbia.

Darcy is passionate about the outdoors and when he is not out shooting video or at his desk editing sequences together, he can be found climbing or hiking in the mountains or walking along the beach near his home in downtown Vancouver.